Best Water Conservation Tips

September 11, 2018

Although we have the driest BC months behind us, it’s always a good time to reduce your water consumption. Not only is excessive water consumption costly, it’s also detrimental to the natural environment.

By taking the initiative to make some simple changes, you will make a real impact on your household’s water consumption.

Here are our favourite tips and tricks for reducing water consumption without significantly changing your current lifestyle.

Be Conscious When You Turn on the Tap

Many people turn on the shower to let it warm up, become completely distracted and before you know it, have let gallons of water go to waste. Simple things, such as turning the tap off while you brush your teeth and not turning the shower on until you step in really make a difference. When washing dishes by hand, consider putting a stopper in the drain and allowing the water to fill the sink instead of letting the tap rinse each dish individually. In doing so, you prevent water from going to waste and maximize your cleaning power.

Plan an Efficient Garden

During the summer months, gardens consume a lot of water. But it’s not necessary to use so much! By planning a garden layout that optimizes water consumption, you reduce the amount of hours you spend watering without compromising the natural beauty of your outdoor space. This concept is often referred to as xeriscaping and is gaining popularity among the outdoor community.

If a garden remodel isn’t up your alley just yet, try watering your plants early in the morning. The condensation that has formed during the night makes it easier for plants to absorb water, making less go to waste.

Check Your Home for Leaks

One of the biggest reasons for excessive water consumption is a leak within the plumbing of the home. If the leak is big enough, oftentimes your local municipality will warn you of a suspected leak on your water bill. To check this, you need to turn off all water in your home and read the water meter, usually located on the exterior of your home. If the meter reads anything greater than zero, your home most likely is experiencing a leak. To be sure, it’s recommended that you always as a plumber to assist.

We hope you find our top ways to reduce water consumption helpful and that you’re able to effectively reduce your household’s water consumption. If your have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing