Kickstart Your Spring-cleaning

March 1, 2018

Spring is just around the corner and that means that spring-cleaning is too! Follow these simple tips and tricks to make your spring-cleaning less overwhelming and enjoy the transition into one of the best seasons.

Clean gutters

During the windy, winter months, gutters get clogged with leaves and tree debris, which can lead to drainage troubles in the spring. Clean the gutters by standing on a ladder and using a hose in combination with physically removing the debris and placing it in a bucket. Cleaning your gutters is the perfect job for a dry day because that way the debris will be much less heavy.

Replace filters

Now is a great time to replace all of the filters in your house. If your home uses a heat pump make sure to replace your filter every three months. Not replacing the filter will lead to the machine not operating at full capacity, utilizing more energy and therefore driving up your electricity bill! Additionally, now is a great time to also replace water filters in your fridge and range hood filters as well.

Test alarms

Make sure that your smoke and CO detectors still work. To start off, make sure to warn all household members of the test and press the test button located on the exterior of the monitor. To test if the alarm is loud enough, station one family member in the furthest point of the house. If the sound isn’t loud enough or you haven’t replaced the batteries in the past six months, install new batteries.

Remove outside debris

Now is a great time to remove piles of debris from the outside of your house. Removing them now, rather than in the spring, will reduce the number of insects and rodents that will likely make these piles their breeding grounds. So get outside, enjoy the fresh air and make a few compost/recycling runs!

Clean indoor fabrics

Reduce the likelihood of springtime allergies by properly vacuuming and cleaning your carpets and other textiles. Over time, your favorite interior décor pieces may be collecting copious amounts of fine dust. This dust can be easily removed with a good vacuuming and carpet cleaning solution. To remove extra fine dust, vacuum in both a horizontal and vertical direction. To make your textiles extra clean you can always rent a carpet shampooer to fully remove any remaining dirt, dust, and allergens.

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