Health Benefits of Plants

January 11, 2018

Though indoor plants are used by many as a decorative house items, there are additionally many additional health benefits of plants. Keep reading and find out how plants can make your home a healthier one!

Improve Air Quality

Plants naturally absorb carbon dioxide but they can additionally reduce the levels of benzene and nitrogen. Plants also increase the humidity levels in a house which is particularly beneficial in the winter time.

Lower Background Noise

Studies have shown that plants and their leaves absorb sound making a setting more comfortable. This is perfect if you have just moved in and are still experiencing some echoes due to a lack of furniture or experience high background noise due to hardwood floors.

Sharpen Your Focus

Plants also help your mind! Studies have shown that plants increase memory retention, increase in creativity and productivity. So add a few to your home office space!

Make You Feel Better

Plants have also been shown to reduce fatigue, coughing, itchy eyes, dry throat and a runny nose. This is because plants filter airborne microbes that can affect your sinuses.

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