Best Ways to Get Your Home Fall Ready

September 7, 2017

With the summer having flown by, fall is right on our doorstep and there are some important things to check before enjoying the gorgeous season change. Here are some to consider adding to your fall routine to make the transition even smoother.

Basic Checks

Do some basic maintenance checks to ensure your home is prepared for the change in season. This could include interior aspects such as checking for drafts, winterizing your air conditioning and changing your programmable thermostat. For the exterior of your home check gutters and drainage in anticipation of rain in addition to sealing off your outdoor taps and storing hoses.

Take Care of Your Toys

Now is a good time to get all of your equipment such as motorcycles, boats and lawnmowers serviced before spending the winter in the garage. Also, if you have a snow blower this may be a good time to check if it is working and get a service done.


For your garden, fall is an excellent time to prepare your soil. Clean up your beds by removing perennials and add some compost (preferably with horse manure) to ensure your garden is in top condition comes spring. By doing this in the fall, the nutrients are given the time needed to absorb and create more fertile soil.

Start Boosting Your Immunity

With kids heading back to school, common colds and illnesses will be going around once again. Fight off the bad germs by ensuring you have enough sleep, get plenty of vitamin D and healthy greens. An easy trick is to also add some oregano oil to water when you feel a cold coming on – it’s nature’s antibiotic.

We hope these steps will help you get ready for the season change! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact as at