Spring Garden Cleanup

May 24, 2017

Now that the spring weather has truly kicked in, its time to start cleaning up your garden and get it ready for patio season! Below are some basic steps that will make your garden stand out.

Cut back perennials and pull out old annuals

To make sure your new plants will flourish, it is essential to give them a fair chance! It is important to  trim perennials so that they continue to grow and look fresh and pulling out old annuals gives space for new plants.

Prune dead branches

It is essential to prune back shrubs and brushes back to live stems for them to look their best. This can be done by using hand pruners or electric shears to shape.

Keep sharp borders

Make sure to rake away dead leaves which can cause plants to eventually become diseased. Once leaves and existing mulch are removed, a new layer of mulch can be added for best results.

Tend to yard waste

Create a compost bin or pile in which the old leaves and mulch can be left. If composted correctly, this can be used next year as a natural fertilizer for plants. Check out this link for more composting tips! For more compost tips check out:

Power wash paths and patios

Winter brings along with it dirt and grime that can significantly darken hard surfaces and leave stains that only a power washer can remove.

Plant new plants!

Make sure that your plants can easily adjust by starting seeds indoors and ensuring that the temperatures are high enough for plants to sustain themselves.

We hope that these tips and tricks will make getting your garden back in shape much easier. For more information check out these links:




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