How to Organize Your Kitchen

February 9, 2017

Kitchen drawers and cupboards are never exactly how we want them no matter what we try and do. Here are some easy ways to improve your kitchen workspace!

Mason Jars

Mason jars are the biggest trend for good reason. Not only do they instantly organize and de-clutter spaces but are aesthetically pleasing too! Simply transfer your staples such as sugar, flour, rice, pasta, coffee etc. into the jars. Don’t forget to label the jars as you go to avoid confusion.

For more mason jar ideas check out this link.

Pot Lid Organizer

Pot lids serve as the main culprit in making your pot and pan storage unnecessarily messy. For a quick and effective solution purchase a wooden peg rack and place the lids vertically and voila!

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Tray Divider

Have too many water glasses and not enough space to store them? Try placing a tray on the bottom row, allowing you to place an additional row on top really maximizing space.

Store Items by Use

Start storing items by use to maximize your kitchen efficiency. Place everyday items in easy reach and items such as pots and pans close to the stove. You will be surprised how much of a difference it makes!

Tupperware Dividers

The Tupperware drawer always gets so messy! Prevent this by placing horizontal dividers to separate the lids from the containers themselves.

Use Baskets

Open shelves can either be a blessing or a curse. Don’t let this valuable space go to waste. Instead, purchase baskets and use them for storage.

Categorize your Fridge

Organize your fridge by having different sections dedicated to different food items and groups. For example store drinks on the first shelf, product on the second, etc.

Utilize your Pantry Door

Purchase an over the door pantry storage unit and maximize your pantry storage. These can be highly effective for storage of items such as canned goods and various packaged foods.

If you’re interested here are some great options!

Create Cabinet Hooks

Use the back of your cabinets by creating additional storage great for items like whisks and measuring cups.

Use a Magazine Holder to Store Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are largely awkward in size and easily clutter a countertop. Prevent this by simply storing them in a magazine holder and attach it to the inside of a cabinet.

We hope that you are able to use some of these tips and that they are able to make a difference in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen!

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