Top Heat Saving Solutions

January 14, 2017

Nanaimo and the Lower Mainland have been hit with an unusually cold spell of weather which as many of you know is something us Westcoasters are not so used to. With the cold weather also comes a higher heating bill, so we have decided to provide you with some ways to reduce your heating costs this winter.

Replace Worn Weatherstripping

Worn weatherstripping often contains rips and tears that allow warm air to escape and lets cold air in. According to Popular Mechanics and Black Hills Energy, seven to twelve percent of a home’s heat loss occurs near windows or doors, so this a quick and simple fix that can make a lot of difference!

Plug Holes in Exterior Walls

Gaps near pipes and electrical cables let cold air in. To fix this seal the gaps with an expanding foam available at most home improvement stores.

Keep Heating Registers Clear

By keeping the heating registers clear the warm air has a direct path making the space feel warmer and the heating more effective.

Lock Windows and Doors

When windows and doors are locked they are pushed more snugly against the weatherstripping, therefore resulting in a much better seal and less heat lost.

Put on a Sweater

Instead of automatically reaching for the thermostat when you’re cold, reach for a sweater and heat yourself first.

Close Doors to Unused Rooms

By shutting the doors and shutting vents in unused rooms most of the heat will go to the rooms you do use instead of the ones you don’t.

Turn it Down at Night

Turning your heat down at night is any easy way to save money and results in a deeper sleep too!

Insulate your Home

Most homes are not efficiently insulated resulting in an unnecessary loss of heat. To test this, check your roof next time it snows. If there are patches that are not covered in snow, your home is losing heat and needs better insulation.

Wash Your Clothes on Cold

Next time you do laundry wash your clothes on cold instead of hot. This allows you to avoid using heat to boost your water temperature, therefore lowering your heating bill.

Use Your Curtains

Close your curtains at night to create an insulating layer and open them during the day to let the sunlight naturally warm your home.

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