Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

September 2, 2016

Making the move into a smaller home may seem like a big and difficult decision but there are so many benefits in doing so, that once you make the commitment you will be glad you did! Down below are some things to consider and the main benefits of downsizing.

When making this important decision it is beneficial to envision the lifestyle you hope to lead. As humans we are greatly impacted by our surroundings and a home is a large part of this considering it is where we spend the majority of our time. When imagining your ideal life and future goals ask yourself the following questions:

Where do you see yourself in five years?
What kind of things do you do for fun?
What are you passionate about?
What are your goals and dreams?

Answering these questions will give you a better idea of the life you would like to lead in the future and in many cases owning a smaller home will be beneficial in achieving this. Below are some of the main benefits of downsizing as they would pertain to how you envision your future.

Save Money

If you see yourself retiring or planning to decrease your work hours, owning a smaller home will lessen your financial strain allowing you to enjoy your new free time instead of worrying about paying bills.

Family Bonding

If one of your goals for the future is to have more family bonding, a positive outcome of having closer living quarters is having to spend more time in each others company. Everyone’s lives are so busy and hectic that time together is precious and will be more frequent in a smaller setting.

Save Energy

If you are passionate about the environment, living in a smaller space is one of the most effective ways in decreasing your carbon footprint. Fewer materials are used to build the structure and less energy consumed for basic necessities such as energy.

More Time

Last, but most certainly not least, living in a small space will give you much more time to focus on the things that you love doing, whether that be travel, spending time outdoors or anything else. Many condominiums, apartments and town homes have a strata in place to take care of many home maintenance tasks. This can help relieve a lot of worry about common areas such as gardens, roofs and roads, with the benefit of being able to be more involved in your community if you so wish. Every strata is different, but click on this link for some more basic info on how strata housing generally works.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that it will help you in making your decision. If you have any questions of concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at