Most Useful Health and Lifestyle Apps

July 19, 2016

Everyday we are using our phones for various purposes, but are we truly using them to their full potential? Technology has provided us with an amazing realm of knowledge and tools, which we most definitely can use to our advantage! Here are some of the best phone apps to enhance your everyday experiences!

Big Oven

This amazing app provides you with plenty of food recipes, ideas and inspirations. There are over 250 000 recipes and the app additionally includes a feature which allows you to import the grocery lists for the various recipes, making it very easy to try some new dishes.


This app analyzes your location and provides you with a list of businesses and services nearby which is amazing when you are exploring a new city or are in a part of town you are less familiar with.


Shazam is an incredible music app that can detect songs you don’t know the name to. It’s very handy and allows you to discover plenty of new music when you don’t want to ask.


This news app provides a streamlined version of the world’s events from multiple different sources. It also allows you to reorganize the news and events into categories that mean the most to you!


We all have those friends we love dearly, but are ever so bad at paying us back. Splitwise allows you to track these debts and connects with PayPal, making them paying you back even easier.


Want to explore some new trails next time you run, hike or bike? AllTrails has got you covered with over 50 000 trails and reviews of every one making the decision of which one to take even easier.


MapMyHike keeps track of the trails you hiked and provides you with a map, which makes finding the trail for the second time around much more stress free.

Human: Activity Tracker

This app records all of your daily activity so you can see it at the end of each day. This is ideal to monitor your amount of exercise; you will be surprised how much you walk!

Charity Miles

This app donates money to a charity of your choice for every mile that you run. What better motivation to get out there and get active?

We hope you enjoyed all of our app suggestions and hopefully will be able to use some of them. All of the apps mentioned are available in the iTunes store if you would like to download them. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at .