Home Organization Tips

March 13, 2016

De-cluttering and reorganizing is something everyone must go through eventually and even though it’s so annoying, we feel so good afterwards! No need to leave it until the next time you move, experts say that people should de-clutter at least every six months for optimal results. Not only does it increase your productivity, but also leaves you with a clearer, calmer mind and saves time when trying to find things in your home. With all these benefits, why is it that we aren’t de-cluttering more often? Psychologists suggest that the inability to rid of unnecessary items can be due to emotional attachment or guilt. De-cluttering is additionally one of the major aspects of the feng-shui process because it allows energy to flow more freely.

Here are some of our favorite ways to de-clutter and re-organize:

Hangers Method

Popularized by Oprah Winfrey, this method allows you to recognize the clothes in your closet that you truly are or are not wearing. When hanging away clothes after doing laundry, turn the hanger of the items that you have worn to the opposite direction. After a couple of months you will have a truly visual representation of what you aren’t using and what you can donate.

Set a Timer

Set a timer of five minutes and see how much stuff you can get rid of, it will surprise you! If you do this at least once a week you will stay on top of things and avoid having an overwhelming amount of things to sort through at one time.

Give Everything a Place

Make sure everything in your home has a designated spot. Not only does this rid surfaces of odds and ends, but makes putting things away and finding them way easier!

Organize Before Buying

This is a simple rule used by many professional organizers. Before buying an item you want, free yourself of one you no longer use. Doing this will ensure you are regularly removing things you no longer need and help to keep your space clutter free.

Take it Room by Room

Stay realistic with your de-cluttering goals. Setting out to do the whole house in an entire day will have the opposite effect and make the process more stressful and overwhelming than need be. Do little things everyday and slowly but surely you will notice a major difference.

We hope you enjoy our organizational tips!

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