Best Central-Vancouver Island Hikes

January 22, 2016

Vancouver Island boasts some of the most beautiful nature in Canada, so it would be a shame to not take advantage of it. More specifically, in the Nanaimo area there are multiple different walks and hikes suitable for all age and capability ranges. Here are some of the best hikes:

Mt. Benson

This is a slightly more challenging hike and recommended to a more experienced hiker. The mountain takes around 2.5 hours to summit and is very steep uphill, but the view is definitely worth it! Panoramic views of Nanaimo and the ocean can be seen and are truly stunning. Do make sure to do this hike in the late spring/summer because otherwise you may run the risk of snow due to the elevation.

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Westwood Lake

Westwood Lake is a very popular destination in Nanaimo and is suitable for all ranges of ability. There are many trails that veer off of the main path so you can make it as long or as difficult as you want. When the weather warms up you can even go for a swim once you’re done!

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Linley Valley

Linley Valley has many amazing hikes that can be extended to the length/difficulty you desire. Even more excellent is it’s central location in the heart of Nanaimo making it truly an urban gem and easily accessible.

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Lantzville Foothills

Not many people know about the hikes here, but with recently added trail maps and signs it is definitely worth checking out! These hikes are recommended to a more experienced crowd due to the fact that most hikes lead uphill. There are endless amounts of trails so no matter how many times you have been, there is always more to explore!

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Ammonite Falls

Very beautiful and serene, Ammonite Falls is a must see hike. The falls are breathtaking, especially in the spring when there is plenty of water due to the melted snow.

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We hope you enjoy the hikes we recommended and take advantage of the local beauty our community has to offer. Happy hiking!

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