Top Five Local Nanaimo Restaurants

November 20, 2015

Food is part of our everyday lives, but it serves more than just being the fuel to keep us going. Food is often shared among the best conversations with family and friends and finding new places to eat and sharing recipes is always so much fun. Given Linley Park Estates’ ideal location, there are many options if one wishes to diversify their food palette. Here are the top five places to get fresh and delicious food in the vicinity:

Hilltop Bistro

Located a fifteen minute walk or five minute drive away from Linley Park Estates, Hilltop Bistro is a foodie’s paradise as it was voted the number one restaurant on Vancouver Island. Being an upscale restaurant one can choose from the many options including steak, oysters, duck and a copious amount of appetizers. This restaurant is the perfect place to treat oneself or celebrate a special occasion.

Lantzville Farmers Market

Searching for the best fresh ingredients to make that amazing recipe at home? The Lantzville Farmer’s Market it the place to go. Open Sunday’s from 1:30-4:00pm, the market boasts some of the best and freshest local produce and pastries just waiting to be taken home and eaten.

Bodhi’s Artisan Bakery

This bakery boasts a homey and welcoming atmosphere, as well as some amazing products! It is the perfect place to grab something to bring home, or even to catch up with a friend over coffee. Be sure to try their chocolate croissants as they are truly scrumptious.

Asteras Greek Taverna

When you enter this restaurant it feels like you have magically traveled to Greece. Everything from the décor to the atmosphere has a truly authentic feel, if you enjoy Greek food it is definitely worth a visit!


Located in Lantzville, this trendy and locally owned Italian restaurant has delicious foods and pastries, with their menu changing according to season. Be sure to try their pizza, which is made fresh in an authentic wood fired pizza oven. Do make sure to reserve ahead of time, as it can sometimes be quite busy.

We hope that you are able to try and enjoy these food destinations and that you enjoy them as much as we have!

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